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Hidden Figures Album Cover

Hidden Figures Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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Pharrell Williams Lyrics


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Pharrell Williams Lyrics

Crystal Clear

Pharrell Williams Lyrics

I See a Victory

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Isn't This the World

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Janelle Monae Lyrics


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Pharrell Williams Lyrics


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Hidden Figures album description:

The film is an encouraging thing, depicting the fight for their civil rights of three main characters, black women in the era of aeronautics birth, backgrounded with their work in NASA, where they became the lead mathematicians to calculate the orbit of the space shuttle that must fly from the Earth. One of the big politicians ordered to NASA – either they make a man fly to space or he shuts down NASA at all, as no one need the space agency that does not actually send anyone to space.
The antagonists here are heroes of Kirsten Dunst and Jim Parsons, who can’t accept the fact of black-skinned people working together with them at extremely important space project. They are making obstacles to protagonists all the time. The latter are supported by Kevin Costner, who is trying to eliminate those hindrances and to make the entire project work, as it is required from it.
Lately, there were many films that exploit the topic of blacks vs. whites fight. The main essence of them all is unified – someone was harshly suppressed (like in this film, when the toilet for “colored” was somewhere in the boonies, which was changed later), they fought back, they suffered a lot during a fight, but they managed to overcome it & to succeed. This is pretty the result of this film.
The music isn’t too flamboyant. The mainstream is represented by Pharrell Williams, who is the author of many songs in the collection. The rest is Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige among the celebrities. The lyrics aren’t too diverse in the songs either – the most part is about believing in yourself and achieving goals even you must overcome the hardships every day. A song Able is about it. I See a Victory, as it is obvious from the name, has the inspiriting lyrics, too. Only Jalapeno song diverges from the rest with its rather food name.

November, 25th 2016


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