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Suffs Album Cover

“Suffs” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Musical • 2024

“Suffs” Track List with Lyrics

Suffs 2024 Musical Soundtrack.

  • Genre: Musical Theater

  • Lyricist: Shaina Taub

  • Composer: Shaina Taub

  • Arranged by: Shaina Taub

  • Premiere:Off-Broadway at The Public Theater in April 2022. The show opened on Broadway on April 18, 2024 at the Music Box Theatre

  • Director: Leigh Silverman

  • Music Director: Andrea Grody

  • Choreographer: Mayte Natalio

About "Suffs".

The struggle for Votes for Women by women in the United States of America was composed into a musical. Premiered in 2024, the composition blends historical background with a modern narrative about the power of music. To it and her credit, with "Suffs," Shaina Taub brings to life the ardent activists from the dawn of the 20th century to the stage. The production, now under the direction of the Public Theater, focuses on how key the suffragist movement was and how it ultimately inspired U.S. history.

Musical Style and Composition.

It is a score that could be dropped in with relative ease into the warp and weft of most traditional musicals. "Suffs" adds to this already fine traditional base, layer upon layer of many different sophisticated presentational elements and emotional shades, and the whole period is well underpinned with musical references that chime with the modern musical as well. Songs like "We Are Not Afraid" and "The Long Road" are melodious and contain lyrics that could move you to tears, lyrics representative of the grit and indomitable spirit of the suffragettes.

Notable Tracks.

  • "We Are Not Afraid" - A strong anthem that clearly portrays the courageous women of the suffragettes.

  • "The Long Road" - Demonstrating continuous struggle and a long process to gain the rights to equality.

  • "Raise Your Voice" - An amazing track based on the platform of unity and activism.

  • "The Vote" - Celebrates this moment of victory and the main deal-breaker – the right to vote.

Production and Creative Team.

"Suffs" is powered with this powerhouse creativity led by Shaina Taub, who. The musical direction and arrangements were well done in bringing out the beauty of merging the historical context with modern relevance. Being led by director Leigh Silverman, the production must be fresh and alive. The choreography created by Raja Feather Kelly has ushered another level of performances, mirroring the spirited activist efforts of the Suffragettes.

Historical Background and Impact

The musical is set in the backdrop of the Women's Voting Rights movement within the United States in the early 20th century and portrays the visionary leadership provided by significant leaders of the time, such as Alice Paul and Ida B. Wells, into the unconquered heights of their insatiable challenge toward reaching equality. It contains excellent events leading to the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, and the musical's storyline interweaves through it. Using historical speeches and writings within its lyrics, "Suffs" describes graphically the social and political climate of the time.

June, 12th 2024

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