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The artist list page of STLyrics is a huge library of Artists that is thrown in various soundtracks. Organized from A to Z, it’s helps to navigate and scout beloved music artists by sorting through the first letter of their names. Click on one of the artists' links, it drags you over to this special page solely dedicated to that artist. Look, each artist’s page goes on and showcases stuff like:
  • Albums — like, a whole listing of albums released by all the artists!
  • Songs — gathers all of the tunes sung by the artist, sometimes those that get thrown into different soundtracks.
  • Artist Info—not only boring details but juicier bits like biographies, a discography (oh dear, that’s a big word), and other sorts of related data.
Just dive on into each section and it’s kinda like embarking on a small lil' journey right through the life and times of some of your top-tier tune makers, very chaotic. No strict paths to follow, you feel me? Just click and wander as your heart desires!
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