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Under The Sea Lyrics - Samuel E. Wright

Soundtrack: Classic Disney

Under The Sea Lyrics

Under The Sea Song Lyrics

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin' for?

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea

Down here all the fish is happy
As off through the waves they roll
The fish on the land ain't happy
They sad 'cause they in their bowl
But fish in the bowl is lucky
They in for a worser fate
One day when the boss get hungry
Guess who's gon' be on the plate

Under the sea
Under the sea
Nobody beat us
Fry us and eat us
In fricassee
We what the land folks loves to cook
Under the sea we off the hook
We got no troubles
Life is the bubbles
Under the sea
Under the sea
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here
Even the sturgeon an' the ray
They get the urge 'n' start to play
We got the spirit
You got to hear it
Under the sea

The newt play the flute
The carp play the harp
The plaice play the bass
And they soundin' sharp
The bass play the brass
The chub play the tub
The fluke is the duke of soul
The ray he can play
The lings on the strings
The trout rockin' out
The blackfish she sings
The smelt and the sprat
They know where it's at
An' oh that blowfish blow

Under the sea
Under the sea
When the sardine
Begin the beguine
It's music to me
What do they got? A lot of sand
We got a hot crustacean band
Each little clam here
know how to jam here
Under the sea
Each little slug here
Cuttin' a rug here
Under the sea
Each little snail here
Know how to wail here
That's why it's hotter
Under the water
Ya we in luck here
Down in the muck here
Under the sea

April, 07th 2024
"Under the Sea" is a catchy up-tempo song from Disney's "The Little Mermaid," 1989. The song, being sung by Sebastian the Crab, is quite a persuasive attempt to inform Ariel, the Mermaid Princess, about the joys and great things that come with being underwater. That contrasts very much with Ariel's longing to live on the land, for sure, as she illustrates in "Part of Your World." "Under the Sea" had been so hyped since the calypso rhythm brought forth a bouncy Caribbean fashion in the film's score and showcased the affluence and flair to be found in the life of the sea.

The song's primary message is an appreciation for one's home and the beauty of the environment in which one lives. "Under the Sea" is quick-paced and upbeat, given its light-hearted lyrics that outline the delightful beauty of the underwater world, explicitly stating the argument that life is better underneath rather than on top of the water. These two characteristics that define Ariel as more human compared to the other mermaids. It will compare the presentiment Ariel has toward the human world—that the people of the world are contented with what they have and enjoy living for the moment.

"Under the Sea" uses a variety of sea creatures and their activities as metaphors for a carefree and joyful existence. Sebastian also sings of the fish who can play, of seaweed that's always greener in somebody else's lake, and of the wonders one can find in a place where one won't have to put up with human troubles. The song tells of wonders in the sea with beauty, personifying it like a bustling town. It suggests that happiness can be found in appreciating what one has, rather than longing for something out of reach.

It sets the upbeat, energetic tone of the song because of the theme: the party under the water, where the fish come together and have fun.

With a calypso beat and a singer who sounds like he can't be having anything but the time of his life, it's exactly the kind of song you would expect to get the message across: under the sea, everything's alive and it's swell to be there. This catchy-tuned atmosphere of the song gives a different perspective and contrast to Ariel's yearning, which will be a melancholic parting look to be happy for the human world in a totally different place.

"Under the Sea" rapidly turned into one of Disney's most recognizable and preferred songs that won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The cultural significance that it gave birth to was the mix of being entertaining and at the same time sending a message that one is supposed to love Mother Nature. With infectious rhythm and attractive words, this song has become the favorite of every generation; sometimes, even the song reminds one of the contentment and joy of living in harmony with the environment.

On the whole, "Under the Sea" is not just a song telling about the smashing attractiveness of the underwater world; it is more likely an ode to life, diversity, and happiness in and around. It has since become a timeless piece within the Disney music repertoire, inspiring its audience to find happiness and beauty in the world through a vibrant melody, colorful imagery, and a positive message. "Under the Sea," from "The Little Mermaid" by Disney, is a brash, bouncy number actually celebrating life under the water and, at the same time, commenting on human aspirations for what is, in fact, out of reach outside of one's current predicament. The buoyant lyrics, flitting across infectious, syncopated Caribbean-inflected rhythms, contrast the drudgery of life on terra firms with the buoyant notes and syncopated rhythms of the music that reflect the experience of joy and freedom at

Here is ingeniously applied in a metaphor the undersea world for content and how good it is to be content with what is around.

The first sentence of the song says, "The seaweed is always greener / In somebody else's lake." This is that kind which lies down on the table easily and elaborately describes the grass-is-always-greener syndrome and envy, the theme of the song.

This, with the feeling of commonness, where one would believe that other people have it better, is of which the song expounds on the beauty and plenty of the sea, suggesting that happiness comes in appreciation of what one has rather than longingly looking at what one doesn't have. The lines "Under the sea / Darling it's better / Down where it's wetter / Take it from me" outline how life below water is better than life above by humans on land.

He compares this by the use of humor and lively images that the ocean is just a place for recreation and endless fun. The sea creatures are also not involved in those things that weigh humans down on earth, such as work and being a slave of the sun. It becomes associated with perspective, where lines such as "The fish on the land ain't happy / They sad 'cause they in their bowl" basically point out how a person becomes a product of their environment with happiness and fulfillment. It further warns against wishing for a different life, represented by the destiny of fish on a plate, humorously advising one to be satisfied with their current lot. The music itself, "Under the Sea," is filled with vivid imagery of the underwater world, where they have every kind of fish and sea creature playing a different kind of musical instrument—not just for charm but to show the world how unity and coordination are done by its populace. In that line, the group of musicians fish as one would metaphorically have to reflect that each has its individual, peculiar service and place in life, meaning a place that can only be made by a particular individual.

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