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Inside Out 2 Album Cover

“Inside Out 2” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2024

“Inside Out 2” Track List with Lyrics

Feeling Alright

Gladys Knight and The Pips

Go Team!

Andrea Datzman

The Life of Riley

Andrea Datzman

Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne

OST Review.

Overview of the Soundtrack.

The "Inside Out 2" soundtrack, released on June 14, 2024, continues the musical legacy of its predecessor with an expressive score. Composed by Andrea Datzman the soundtrack captures the emotional depth of the film. The album features a mix of instrumental pieces that reflect the film's themes of personal growth and emotions.

Behind the Scenes: Creation and Artists.

Andrea Datzmannas composer bringing a signature style that seamlessly blends orchestral and contemporary elements. The soundtrack's production involved collaboration with various artists and musicians, ensuring a rich and multifaceted auditory experience. The selection of instrumental pieces aims to enhance the narrative and emotional arcs presented in the film.

About the Film: "Inside Out 2".

Director is Kelsey Mann.The original cast, including Amy Poehler , Tony Hale , Maya Hawke , Liza Lapira , Lewis Black , Phyllis Smith , Diane Lane , returns to voice the beloved characters Joy, Sadness, and Fear. New emotions:
Anxiety voiced By Maya Hawke. Envy voiced By Ayo Edebiri. Ennui voiced By Adèle Exarchopoulos. Embarrassment voiced By Paul Walter Hauser. Nostalgia voiced By June Squibb.
The film's narrative focuses on the evolving emotional landscape as Riley faces new experiences and relationships, highlighting the importance of understanding and embracing all emotions.

Track List Overview.

Instrumental compositions:
Outside Intro (0:55)
Go Team! (2:27)
The Life of Riley (2:32)
Thread the Needle (1:06)
Riley Protection System (2:46)
Creating a Sense of Self (1:30)
Demo Day (1:57)
Ride and Prejudice (2:18)
Anxious to Meet You (2:21)
Seeking Val-idation (1:44)
Sending Out an S.o.S. (2:45)
Bloofy & Co. (2:59)
Flight for Fighting (2:49)
Fawn of a New Day (0:56)
Return to Imagination Land (1:08)
To Project and Disserve (3:19)
What’s the Big Idea? (2:31)
Red Hairing (1:18)
Recovering a Sense of Self (2:55)
Joyless (1:53)
The Puck Drops Here (2:58)
A Mind at Freeze (2:44)
Growing Up Is Hard to Do (4:19)
Glide and Joy (2:01)
Every Messy, Beautiful Part of Her (2:44)
Inside Outro (Ending Closing Credits Music) (2:21)
Done Track Mind (8:15)

The soundtrack for "Inside Out 2" promises to be a compelling addition to the film, enriching the storytelling with its carefully crafted musical pieces.

June, 14th 2024

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