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Christine Soundtrack CD. Christine Soundtrack

Christine lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

November, 11th 2016

Christine album description:

Despite its premiere on October 14, it has only USD 162 thousands of the gross box office worldwide. It is a story about the big depression of a newsmaker Christine Chubbuck, who eventually committed suicide on air while being in the live transmission. Before that, she was asked many times from the people around to make her stories juicier. Not knowing what else shall she do, she struggled with herself and people around and eventually caught herself on a thought that this dramatic disobeying must end with a huge shock to the viewers and her colleagues, who kept the pressure on her, not allowing her doing what she loved the most.
As you can hear your own from the represented music in the soundtrack’s collection, the events are going on in the midst of 1970ies. John Denver and Olivia Newton-John are most fruitful music makers from these bygone days. They are followed by Sonny and Cher amongst the big names of that epoch. The overall delivery of the sounding as if immerses you totally in these days with its soothing lyrics and energizing items. What is remarkable – a song Rock Your Baby performed by George McCrae, which became a total breakthrough of the entire genre – dance music. ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA was largely inspired by this oeuvre. Sweet Cherry Wine (Rerecorded) is a word of an epoch, directly from Woodstock of 1969, reminding us that though the main movement against war was in late 1960-ies, 1970ies also experienced the ‘aftershocks’ of the doomsday caused by the great war in the Nam.
The lyrical soundtrack comes in the dissonance with the film, where a personal drama of a person is on the front. Of the same not-remarkable person as the most part of songs included. This is openly sad and anti-invigorating.
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