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I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight? Lyrics - Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

Soundtrack: Christine

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I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight? Song Lyrics

If I had told her that I loved her
She would have stayed till who knows when
But I guess she couldn't understand it
When I said I want to be your friend
Cause a friend would never doubt you
Or ever put you uptight
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight


Oh yes I wonder
What she's doing tonight
Ohoh I wonder what she's doing

We were so close we shouldn't get closer
And it's making me feel so sad
But I tell myself I didn't lose her
Cause you can't lose a friend you never had (come on now)
Cause a friend won't say it's over
And go out just for spite
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight


(All right Bobby)
Because a friend will always be there
If you're wrong or if you're right
And now I wonder what she's doing tonight

November, 11th 2016
It is a pop rock song made by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart in 1967. It has more inclination onto rock than to pop and it is an absolute example how all songs of the 1960ies sounded like. ‘Boyce and Hart’ was a band, which name consisted of the family names of two of the singers. There is nothing much to say about this song, as it is not an outstanding thing in any meaning. The best achievements are rating as numbers 7 and 8 in the two US’s charts in 1968. What is hilarious – there are about a half-dozen songs that used the same name since then – their authors are Barry & the Tamerlanes (1963), Russell Smith (1989), Gary Lewis and the Playboys (1968), Trini Lopez (1969), and Young Fresh Fellows (2001). The single by Boyce and Hart was sold in 1967 with more than one million copies and was granted as gold in the US.
One of the organizers of the duo, Tommy Boyce, died aged 55 and the other one is still alive, aged 77 as of the end of 2016. The band ‘The Monkees’ were their best receivers of the lyrics for songs and that fact gave Boyce and Hart duo the most fame, despite the fact that they were singing on their own in the career. The Monkees, by the way, is an interesting band and the most part of this interest, besides the fact of their extensive and famous career, is that they have numerous break-ups and reunions. So we represent you the years of their activities: 1965–1971, 1986–1989, 1996–1997, 2001–2002, 2011 – till now. The show of the same name followed the singing success of the band ‘The Monkees’ and Boyce and Hart were the same engaged in the producing of the musical part of the entire show. Every original album of this band included the songs conceived, written and arranged, were by Boyce and Hart. Despite the fact that they afterward left the production of the show due to lack of understanding between the show maker, the band itself greatly thanked them, naming Boyce and Hart as the makers of every band’s loud hit.
Aside from the song-writing career, these two fellows were engaged in other significant enterprises, managed to release three own music albums during the era of The Monkees’ cooperation.
Boyce and Hart have also succeeded in work for TV shows, film industry (with Columbia Pictures) and even commercial. Coca-Cola Company used their works to create the biggest two music promos. The movie sitcom of 1971 Getting Together on ABC was even based on the life and the creative path of these two remarkable people, but, for the sake of truth, we must say it was based loosely.
As for the lines of the lyrics if this pop rock song, they aren’t much, but with the deep meaning. Generally, we understand that there was a guy, who couldn’t give a girl more than they had – there was some kind of friendship, but she expected more from him. He needed her as a friend but not more, a person, who would support him in the glory days and when hardships come and has been ready to provide her with the same support if she needed it. But now she is gone and he feels sorrow. As he can’t stop thinking of her, he naturally wonders where is she and what she's doing tonight.

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