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Trap  Album Cover


Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2024

Trap Tracklist

Trap album description:


"Trap" is a film by M. Night Shyamalan. It's a thrilling story of a pop concert of Lady Raven, where some mean plot has left a father and a daughter suckered right into the center of it. The film is stamped with a very odd admixture of crime, horror, mystery, and thriller genre traditions​​.

Cast and Production.

Some of the cast members that will be part of A-listers include Josh Hartnett and Ariel Donoghue. Saleka Shyamalan has been cast as Lady Raven. The movie is currently under production in Blinding Edge Pictures and has also been distributed by Warner Bros.
It is set to be released on August 9, 2024.

Soundtrack Details.

The music for "Trap" will be scored by Herjsondía Stefánsdóttir, famed for her emotive and airy compositions. While the full soundtrack list of the film is yet to be unveiled with its premiere, currently, from the song "Release" by Saleka Shyamalan as Lady Raven, the trailer can be heard that gives a hint of the intense and immersive auditory experience in the movie.

Insight into Filming and Production.

The film was, however, shot in Toronto and Cincinnati, mainly on locations with a working title "Good Grades". This project received substantial support in the form of tax credits and managed to continue shooting even during the SAG-AFTRA strike of 2023, thanks to an interim agreement —an example manifesting Shyamalan's seriousness in producing and financing his films independently.

April, 26th 2024

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