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Rest in Peace

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2024

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Overview of "Rest in Peace" 2024.

"Rest in Peace" is an Argentine thriller film that was released in 2024. A film directed by Sebastián Borensztein, the most recent one, who had dabbled in the aftermath of the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, where a character Sergio Dayán, played by Joaquín Furriel, fakes his death in the explosion to escape crushing debts he has racked up and start anew in Paraguay. And this decision of his, drastic in nature, reflects with a very deep sense upon his family, leaving mostly the suffering from sorrow, both for the loss of the member and from financial instability.

Soundtrack Composition.

The musical "Rest in Peace" has a music score from Federico Jusid, a world-class Argentine composer who has been active in film but also television productions. Jusid's score is pivotal in drawing the emotional landscape of the film, really underlying the tension and drama as it plays out when Sergio copes with what his actions have caused.

Reception and Cultural Context.

Premiering on Netflix, the film was well-received for its touching story and good acting, particularly by Furriel and Griselda Siciliani, who played his wife Estela. Critics have said that the film talks of issues of identity, loss, and certain morality in how to deal with one's past. The film also gives comments on the cultural and social traces of the Jewish community in Argentina highlighted through its historical context.

April, 15th 2024

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