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Between Here and There Album Cover

Between Here and There

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2012

Between Here and There Tracklist

Between Here and There album description:

Not very clear mental anguish of the girl-protagonist, displayed on screen, filmed in the style of art house by director-novice. The same unknown actors starring in the film who did not bring to the screen anything special. Even trailer has no"magic of cinema", which must be created while picturing to get something beautiful, sublime, subtly-intangible. Judging from the official page of this movie in the Facebook social network, a motion picture was shot by a student of NYU.
Strange is the point that in many scenes of the film, especially where the main characters are dancing (and they do it well often), classical music and such that was written in the early 20th of the past century in Britain is used. But, nevertheless, this musical row is not included in the official soundtrack, which is presented to the general public. The music, by the recognition of the film page in FB, wrote by Gregory Polzak, but in the collection of sounds, we hear only Cherry Suede. They wrote excellent and catchy rock songs like Life in a Day, One More Night or Saturday Night .
As time has shown, this motion picture did not become something noticeable in the show business, and even the actors were not seen anywhere else. They rather stay at the level of the Joey hero from Friends serial movie, which also didn’t shine neither with his talent nor value. While it may be, they still catch the big success if they will do plastic surgery and greatly improve their appearance. Otherwise, forever will stick in the background roles, as"friends of some protagonist"or unsightly antiheroes.
Cherry Suede sing pretty high-qualitative rock and that will not be taken away. They are the most striking thing in this film. In fact, all the support that is here on the website in this collection is their songs. We are terribly excited that a sound like this is still available in the world and are ready to go to their concerts. We hope you share our enthusiasm.

June, 06th 2016

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