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Never Gonna Let You Go Lyrics

Soundtrack: Between Here and There

Song Lyrics

Never Gonna Let You Go Song Lyrics

I'm not a perfect man
Yeah I've made some mistakes
Got a million regrets
For every line on my face

It took a twist of fate
For me to find something true
A little light in the dark
That led me to you

And oh, it's so easy to see
When I'm wrapped in your arms
It's where I wanna be

I'm never gonna let you go
Gonna stay by your side, for all of my life
I'm never gonna let you go
Until my last breath, I'm never gonna let you go

I've spent lonely nights
Drowning thoughts in my head
But every drink seemed to lead
To the next stranger's bed

But this vow I will swear
For every moment we share
Through the good times and bad
I will always be there

Oh, I can't help but believe
That in some crazy way
You were made just for me


Oh, there's nothing I wouldn't do
I'd lie, cheat and steal
Just to stay here with you


Can't you see
Your love is all that I need
And until my last breath
I'm never gonna let you go

November, 22nd 2015
Performed by Cherry Suede, which broadcasts this song with male bass voice, in spite of this woman's name of a band itself. Beautiful rock-composition of 4:27 in length with beautiful visuals in the clip. Drawings on the sand are one of those win-win themes. Just as the use of shrill playing of sobbing guitar in music, with piano, timpani with drums, pounded with soft sticks. Bright musical row captivates not only fans of such ballads.

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