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Saturday Night Lyrics

Soundtrack: Between Here and There

Song Lyrics

Saturday Night Song Lyrics

Well the moon is up and the stars are bright
And everybody's out under the city lights
Guys are kissing the sky on a perfume high
In the perfect breeze of a summer night
All the cars cruise by with the tops rolled down
And every radio is pumping a different sound
It's the same old scene with the same old crowd
But on Saturday Night it's like a brand new town
I've been waiting all week long
I need somebody to turn me on
Yeah my plans have all been made
I'm feeling good cause I just got paid
No matter what goes wrong, things always feel alright
On Saturday Night
Every girl looks fine when they're dressed up right
In faded low-rise jeans worn nice and tight
And the boys all stare but the girls don't care
Cause they all know that they'll be drinking for free tonight
Every drink gets poured as the music plays
The same old pickup line is told in a million ways
Everybody's looking to score with a friendly face
Then waking up at some beautiful stranger's place
I've been slaving away, every night and day
I need a short trip out of my mind
Yeah I've worked all week, now I'm tired and beat
I'm gonna have a good time Saturday Night
Gonna have a good time Saturday Night
Yeah, I'm gonna have a good time Saturday Night
Cause tonight's all mine
Now I'm back at home and the gang's all here We got the music still ringing in all our ears
We'll be waking up to the Sunday sky
Then on Monday we'll be back to the "9 to 5"
Traffic's always bad as the day begins
I work 8 hours then I'm back on the road again
But I break my back tip the work week ends
Cause on Saturday Night I'm seeing all my friends
On Saturday night
Saturday Night, Saturday Night
On a Saturday Night?
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Saturday Night, yeah

November, 22nd 2015
Cherry Suede band totally won us to the end of this collection. Bright voice of the soloist definitely proves that he is not far from solo career, if he wishes so. Piano completely having fun, along with guitarist, absolutely break-away in own fun in this melody, long as 5:17. The cheerful song that is not only able to tell a story that, in fact, it successfully makes, but it manages to cheer-up even a very sad man quite naturally.

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