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I'll Be Waiting Lyrics

Soundtrack: Between Here and There

Song Lyrics

I'll Be Waiting Song Lyrics

Got your picture hanging on the wall
Kept the message when I missed your call
All these memories keep running through my mind

And I’m wondering if you’ve found someone
I keep hoping that I’m still the one
Do you miss me’ Do you think of me sometimes’

Go and see what dreams await you
I don’t care how long it takes you
Cause when you’re ready to come back home
You know I’ll be here’

I’ll be waiting, I’ll be shaking
Just to see you, just to touch your skin
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be aching
Just to hold you, just to breathe you in
Promises we carved in stone
Will always lead your heart back home
And when they do I’ll be waiting here for you

Yeah I noticed you were feeling down
When you told me you were leaving town
There was something that was pulling you away

When your train left it was raining hard
Had your bags packed in the second car
You were waving with tears running down your face

Go and see what you’ve been chasing
The way I feel for you ain’t changing
And when you’re ready to come back home
You know I’ll be here’


Someday soon I see us walking on the beach
Watching waves roll and talking endlessly
So take your time and go see all you need to see
Cause when you come back home
You know just where I’ll be’


I'll be waiting every morning, waiting every night
Counting every minute that I feel go by
There's nothing I can say, there's nothing I can do
So come back home, I'll be right here waiting for you

November, 22nd 2015
We are sorry that we were not familiar with these musicians before and heard them for the first time in this soundtrack only. Long as 4:15, this rock-song sowing expectation in the depth of our souls that everything will be not only beautiful, but also that the Grammy should be provided to this rock band – Cherry Suede – without fail. Though not immediately, after a couple of years, but such an active and full of enthusiasm sounding simply cannot be neglected.

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