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November, 22nd 2015
Cherry Suede, which is acceptable-sounding rock band, sings this song particularly talented on the stage. Two guitars in it complemented by the sweet voices singing on high tones, creating a composition, memorable and perfectly unreal cheering the audience. This song of the rock genre needs a little more bass post-production and maybe will become more complete, with the addition of sound of stringed bass and cello.

Life in a Day lyrics

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Life in a Day Song Lyrics

You got me feeling like you don't even know
I got my engine running and I'm ready to go
Like a time bomb I'm ready to blow
So let's take things slow
Now there's a sweet little look in your eye
That always keeps me guessing what you got on our mind
The night is young, I'll be taking my time
Cause you're mine all mine
All my life, I've been chasing you everywhere
I've spent so much time, but now I'm not going anywhere
So don't talk, baby don't move
I need a minute cause I can't stop staring at you
My head is spinning but I ain't got nothing to say
I can't breathe, you're making me weak (I feel my heart beat)
I can't believe I get to watch you looking at me
And if I only had tonight to feel this way
I'd live my life in a day
I wanna feel every inch of your skin
I got your goosebumps telling me just where to begin
I'll take you places you say you've never been
So just let me in
Until right now, I wasn't looking for anything
But I know somehow, tonight is gonna mean everything
I never thought I'd ever feel the way I do right now
And I'd give anything to make this feeling last somehow