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February, 11th 2017
Total of 1:21 of sound, which – surprise, surprise – sung at the musical genre. As it is a musical. Interesting voices of men and women that attract our attention with its hysterical, but very clean singing. High notes are a professional feature of this overture that allows us to understand where we are and what we are going to listen. Musical, gentlemen! So relax, sit back and receive the juicy music. Reference: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder Broadway Cast Album Released Digitally Feb. 25 - Read on Playbill

A Warning to the Audience lyrics

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A Warning to the Audience Song Lyrics

For those of you of weaker constitution
For those of you who may be faint of heart
This is a tale of revenge and retribution
So if you're smart
Before we start
You'd best depart
You'd best depart
An usher fainted in the aisle
A nun from Leicester lost her wits
You might avoid the first or second row
Blood may spill
And spines may chill
It's ghastly - still
We thought you ought to know
It's only just past eight
It's not too late
For God's sake!
For God's sake
For God's sake go!