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How to Date Billy Walsh Album Cover

How to Date Billy Walsh

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2024

How to Date Billy Walsh Tracklist

How to Date Billy Walsh album description:

Overview of "How to Date Billy Walsh"


"How to Date Billy Walsh" - romantic comedy set within a British school. The story centers on Archie, who has carried a life-long crush for his best friend, Amelia. His unrequited love takes further complications when a new student from America, the charming Billy Walsh, comes to the school. As Amelia becomes interested in Billy, Archie begins thinking about how he can pay for her attention. And, thanks to this situation, some really funny and touching moments come up.

Cast and

It stars Sebastian Croft, Charithra Chandran, and Tanner Buchanan, and it's directed by Alex Pillai, with a screenplay from Greer Ellison and Alexander J. Farrell. The dynamic of such a celebrated cast reveals unmatched chemistry on screen. It was produced with picturesque shooting locations in the North of England that contributed to the visual beauty of the film and off-screen bonding among the cast.

Creative Insights and Reception

Filmmakers have striven to create a fresh narrative within a sometimes tired genre of the teen rom-com, sparked by the marathon viewing of teen flicks. This helped them create a plot to distill the quintessence of youthful longing and friendship's ever-changing tides. Reception to the final product has been mixed at best, with many often noting the charm or depth lacking in execution.


The said movie began streaming on Prime Video on April 5, 2024, and it could very well be purchased on DVD and Blu-ray by June of the same year. It is considered part of the Amazon MGM Studios for this year, underlining its importance in the list of the streaming service for one year.
It captured classic elements of a romcom with a modern twist, reflecting some of the pressing contemporary issues like the woes that come with creating a profile online and struggling with relationships while establishing oneself in the digital age. In the settings and the dynamics of the characters themselves, it really gives a platform for looking into themes of love, friendship, and personal growth in familiar confines of a teenage romance narrative.

May, 01st 2024

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