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November, 22nd 2015
An interesting melody for voice modulations, but disgusting for excessive truthfulness. After all, the hero of this musical confesses that he's going to kill someone using poison that is on stock in his pocket. Such revelations public likes the most. People feel like this that they are alive. For this reason, movies, TV shows and social networks are popular – surrounded by someone else's problems and active lives, a human does not feel so worthless and lonely.

Poison in My Pocket (Reprise) lyrics

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Poison in My Pocket (Reprise) Song Lyrics

I am standing here with poison in my pocket
look who's head head is finally on the block
it seems that now at last the moment i've been waiting for is here
All that's really left to be decided is the dish to put the poison in, provided i can do what must be done discreetly when the coast is clear.
I confess it pains me some to run someone's cooking oh, for god's sake, now another servant's looking, i have had a run of luck but this one does require skill
Fish or fowl, it must be well-selected so that no one else at all will be affected
what an awful waste to do in someone i don't want to kill