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November, 22nd 2015
4:22 of tender sound that accompanies very shrill female voice with the piano notes. Its possessor is immediately seen as opera singer. That voice can be heard over and over, endlessly playing the same composition in a circle. This party belongs to the character named Phoebe, who is played on Broadway by Lauren Worsham. The genre is musical.

Inside Out lyrics

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Inside Out Song Lyrics

An oyster shell itself is unassuming
But look inside
You'll find a pearl
The man who otherwise is unpresuming
May share the same blood
As an earl
Do not dismiss a woman of position
She can be tenderhearted
Of no doubt
The world would be in awfully good condition
If we could all live
Inside out
Though belladonna is my favourite flower
I love its shape
And its perfume
You'd likely join the angels in an hour
Should you ingest
Its rather deadly bloom
The man who seems a paragon of virtue
May be a scoundrel
Better versed in sin
There may be many fewer who could hurt you
If we could all live
Outside in
And everyone you'd meet
On any London street
If they be sweet or horrid
It would show
I would be overjoyed
The heartache I'd avoid
If I could look at you
And know
And when I meet the man for whom I'm fated
I'll know the one I've waited for is he
For he will find these wealthy trappings overrated
And he will see what no one sees in me
A girl who reads the classics a(aaaaaaaa)nd the sonnets
Who needs no folderol, it'll fill her cup
A girl who thinks a bit beyond her bonnets
He'll be of gentle heart
And good renown
He'll be the most admired man in town
He'll take a world that's mostly upside down
And turn it right side up
If we lived inside out
Or even outside in
The change in how we see would be immense
If we lived right side left
Or even left side right
Back side front
Or front side back
Would shed a better light
Black might just be white
Day might just be night
If we knew the truth about each other on sight
The world might just make sense