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November, 22nd 2015
Sad song from Monty and Sibella. That is, from the actors who portray them. They make it very gathered, and you believe them. The voice modulations allow music to be not boring. It is constantly changing and is a bit like Gypsy or Russian melodies. Posh man's voice leads the party from beginning to the end, and woman’s one only helps sometimes. Beautiful sound, at 9 out of 10. It is of musical direction.

Sibella lyrics

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Sibella Song Lyrics

I see a nose that belongs on a coin,
And there's that smile, with a secret inside.
And here are two eyes that are bright, with a mischievous light
You try, but can't quite hide.
Oh there's that voice, with a promise of sin,
And oh those lips, are a promise of bliss.
And i know that your embrace is a treacherous place -
There's danger in your kiss.
This is the face of a woman a man could easily worship
For all of his days!
But a man could as easily lose his sanity
Deciphering your gaze.
You are vain
And you're heartless
And yet,
I can feel in you a shade of sadness
That's barely detectable.
That i still want you at all,
I may live to regret.
You're deceitful,
You're delectable!
You see the fate of a man
Who has had the misfortune
To spend his life caught in your sway
I see, sibella!
My sibella.
And i like her that way.
I like her just that way.
And i want you
That way!