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Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, A Album Cover

“Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, A” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2013

“Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, A” Track List with Lyrics

One of the most beautiful, charming and funny musicals, which is highly estimated by critics and even won a Tony Award! It must mean something. At the peak of its popularity in Broadway (about a year ago), it was played as much as 8 times a week. In fact, the actors worked without days off at all! How they sustained such a number of actions?! Fantastically unbelievable, if in two words.
We will not retell the plot – it will not be as entertaining as watching it from the scene. It's not a motion picture where everything is always played the same as today or ten years ago thanks to recording on tape. No! That a little something new every time, as this is acting of living people and every time it turns out "alive". It will not be understood by those who do not go to the theaters. It's a completely different level of excitement (only fantastic performance of Inside Out costs a lot)! Besides, it cannot be stopped at any time simply by "Pause" button and resumed on "Play". This is not a mass art, which is not capable to be taken home. Theatre and Cinema – these are two polar worlds, if you think of it seriously.
It is about several murders and about love, passion and fun, after all. In general, concentrated life for those who love the sublime creations, excellent apparel, fine literature, and the upper class of society with all its positive and ugly sides (e.g., craftiness of the hero that is revealed in Poison in My Pocket or Stop! Wait! What?!).
One of the best voices of modern musicals – Lauren Worsham. She sings with inspiration with pure opera voice, which is complemented by pretty face.
All music on the stage is composed by Steven Lutvak, who very professionally did all the parties that phenomenally reveal voice characteristics of all actors.

February, 11th 2017


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