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February, 11th 2017
Just 44 seconds, but of very saturated sound from a chorus. The essence boils down to one thing – that someone will not marry Sibella. We don’t know whether this is good or bad, but when the chorus makes this emphasis, then surely this serious warning means something. The genre is musical. At least 5 voices are clearly heard in a choir. Of course, the scene is not played by all the staff (which in the Broadway version has 17 people). Reference: A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder on Facebook

A Warning to Monty lyrics

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A Warning to Monty Song Lyrics

Monty Navarro, you know you don't belong here
Monty Navarro, you're on a slippery slope
Your presence is indubitably wrong here
May we suggest
We think you'd best
Abandon hope
Abandon hope
But go ahead and take the tour
As long as you are here
Buy yourself a souvenir or two
And one thing more
Before you're out the door
Will never marry you