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Bob Rivers Lyrics

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Album: More Twisted Christmas (2002) Lyrics
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  1. It's The Most Fattening Time Of The Year
  2. Toy Sack
  3. Police Stop My Car
  4. Sled Zeppelin
  5. Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow! Yellow Snow!
  6. Parking Spaces
  7. There's A Santa Who Looks A Lot Like Elvis
  8. Jesus's Birthday
  9. All You Need Is Elves
  10. Buttercracker Suite
  11. Hey You! Get Off My House
  12. Holidaze (S'Cuze Me, I've Got Gifts To Buy)
  13. Rummy Rocker Boy
Album: Vol. 1-Best Of Twisted Tunes (1997) Lyrics
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  1. You Don't Smell Like Flowers
  2. Take A Whack On The U.S. Side
  3. Three Inch Tool
  4. Downtown In The '90's
  5. What An Ugly Man He Was
  6. Minimum Wage
  7. Free As A Turd
  8. The Old Man (Is On The Commode)
  9. Spinning Reel
  10. PLO's & Israeli's
  11. Middle Age Waistline
  12. Strawberry Rehabs Forever
  13. Baby Madonna
  14. A** Hole Son
  15. Magic Comet Ride
Album: Vol. 2-Best Of Twisted Tunes (1997) Lyrics
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Album: I Am Santa Claus (1993) Lyrics
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  1. There's Another Santa Claus
  2. Walkin 'Round In Women's Underwear
  3. I Am Santa Claus
  4. Manger 6
  5. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  6. I Came Upon A Roadkill Deer
  7. Teddy The Red-Nosed Senator
  8. Grahbe Yahbalz
  9. A Letter To Santa
  10. Jingle Hells Bells
  11. The Kids
  12. The Magical Kingdom Of Claus
  13. The 'What's It To Ya' Chorus
  14. Didn't I Get This Last Year?
  15. The Under Tree World Of Jacques Cousteau
  16. O Christmas Tree
Album: Twisted Christmas (1987) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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