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Violetta Album Cover

“Violetta” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Violetta” Track List with Lyrics

This is an Argentinean TV show made by Disney Studio. It is a romantic film in many series about the life of an adolescent girl who was living in Madrid for some time and now she's going back to her native country which is Argentina. Why? Of course, to sing, to live, to dance, and to find her love there, even to meet some villains to know what to the real life is, and to realize herself like the real father's princess, which is so true because her father has the semblance to an attractive model, although he plays totally different role.
So nothing wondrous that's in this soundtrack will be many songs from the entire serial movie, not only that open and close the series, but also which are played inside. There are as much as 70 + number of songs with the lyrics, full of dreams, desires, aspirations, love, and life.
Some of them are made in English like 'Are You Ready For The Ride??', while the most part is made in the native language for the Argentineans, like 'Código Amistad' or 'Juntos Somos Más'. The composer of the entire list of songs for a movie is Nicolas Fromentel. So naming one author of them all, we can say the name of Mr. Nicolas Fromentel with assurance.
There are three seasons exist, in addition to various directions of show business that started because of this movie – music, fan stickers, dolls, video games and so on. There are also 5 TV programs/shows, including ‘Violetta Live’, obviously for the great admirers of her lyrical songs and her personality. The show has received several awards and nominations. The most part of them is related to Kids Choice Awards – alike.
So why should you watch this serial movie? There is a good answer on it – if you're a guy or a girl of about 10-15 years, you should definitely know what's on the mind of your contemporaries from Argentina.

December, 23rd 2016


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