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I Love You Lyrics

Soundtrack: Violetta

Song Lyrics

I Love You Song Lyrics

Don't know if I'm wrong
Don't know if I'm right
Don't know if I should say it
Or keep it inside

Just what is this feeling
That's growing in me?
Could it be possible
That love was set free?

It's just I know, in my heart it's real
And that I know, it's love I feel
When I searched I found answers to my loneliness
And this dream that we're living is real

'Cause of you I feel heaven surround us
I love you, I love you
In your arms I feel no fear around us
I love you, I love you
And your eyes shine when you see mine
I need you, I love you

I love you, I love you
'Cause of you I feel heaven surrounds us

December, 23rd 2016
It is one of the several songs in English in this collection and the genre is pop. Despite some sort of choreography that is done on the scene and a hall of people watching at them, the meaning is a few: that girl cannot say whether he is right or wrong. What she knows is just she can't hold her feelings inside of her anymore and that is why she has to tell it to someone. Feelings are about love because some guy is holding his hands around her & she feels happiness. She sees his eyes with the own eyes and understands that she is as if in Heaven surrounded by his love. She thinks that she will not be lonely anymore.

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