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Pelo Mundo


Pelo Mundo Lyrics

Pelo Mundo Song Lyrics

Nunca vão poder me calar pois eu vou falar
Pra poder vencer só saber não é nada
Sempre que tiver barreiras
Vou mostrar que posso enfrentar
E vivendo a minha vida, eu vou alcançar

E eu vou cantar pelo mundo
Sendo o que eu sou
Não vão me parar um segundo
Sei que nunca vou

E vou mostrar, eu vou gritar
Tudo o que sinto, tudo, tudo

E vou mostrar, eu vou gritar
Tudo o que sinto
Todos vão escutar

December, 23rd 2016
This is again one of pop interpretations of the melody used in the soundtrack to this movie. It is said that there are people who will never be able to shut up. But I'm going to talk right now and I will win despite anything. Even if someone is telling me that there are some barriers that I can face, I refuse to accept those barriers because I love my life, I will reach the top, and I will search to overcome any obstacle that I have on my way. So are there any barriers that will stop me even for a second? I suppose, no. I will scream and I will show what I'm worth, I will feel everything & everyone will listen to me.

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