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December, 23rd 2016
It is a pop song with an admixture of some inserts from the motion picture. The song is just a vanity fair, where a female adolescent singer tells that she will be a star, she will shine & everyone are magnetic to her success; she is the best no matter what. That there are no limits to your desire & success & she wants to sing and dance on the scene. She is programmed on the success.
There was a song by Roxette named 'Dressed For Success' – it was much more sophisticated in the essence, but the goals of both songs are pretty similar – there is a person who is striving to achieve more than the people around.

Destinada A Brillar lyrics

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Destinada A Brillar Song Lyrics

Quién le pone límite al deseo
Cuando se quiere triunfar
No importa nada lo que quiero
Es cantar y bailar
La diferencia esta aquí dentro en mi circuito mental
Soy una estrella destinada a brillar
Somos el éxito
Somos magnéticos
Somos lo máximo
Cómo sea, dónde sea
Voy a llegar