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Sinister 2 Album Cover

Sinister 2 Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Sinister 2 Tracklist

Sinister 2 album description:

Pretty predictable story of a horror, when the family arrives at the new house, which contains a terribly negative karma, about which they, of course, did not know before moving in. Although standard plot, delivery of video material is quite interesting and unusual – many moves are used with skill, and sound is picked up super high qualitative.
The same exclusive selection of the material is made by the music producers of a motion picture. What only costs super creepy Silence Teaches You How To Sing by Ulver . It's not even a song, it's 24 minutes of continuous dreadful sounding, but not because it is bad – no, this composition makes blood run cold.
Many of the songs in this collection are long, from 6 minutes and up to almost half an hour. With the exception of two funny ( Cotton­‐Eyed Joe and Upside of Down ) they create impenetrable sense of hopelessness, fear and nightmarish of everything around.
Not musical sounds are mixed in many of works here – guttural hissing, gurgling wheezing of the chest, cries of zombies, screams, horrifying steps. Disgusting tunes that perfectly matches the film of this genre. Why composers so lovingly create such work for horrors and many of producers of boring songs even don’t even approach closely to such enthusiasm in their works? Perhaps the horror is the highest stage of evolution of cinema.
Most dark melodies here in the collection created by Simon Heath, who skillfully flouts our consciousness and pulls our hidden fears inside out with his two compositions. Perfect collection to qualitative and disgusting-attracting horror movie. We don’t know what about you, but we wanted to hear urgently after this collection something beautiful and light, for example, Say Something by A Great Big World And Christina Aguilera.

November, 30th 2016


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