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November, 30th 2016
Accurst made the "Fragment # 9 (2014 Remaster) (Instrumental)" composition. The melody that is easy to describe, because it is not music at all. This cacophony that averse with its awfulness, in the truest sense of it. This includes non-musical sounds like the gurgling of a dying organism, sound of booming sticks on the hollow walls, muffled roar of humanoid monsters, suddenly jumping out at you from the corner, the sound of a two-handed wood saw, gnashing of iron on iron and other unpleasant sounds.

Fragment #9 (2014 Remaster) lyrics - Accurst

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This composition "Fragment #9 (2014 Remaster)" contains no lyrics and completely instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Sinister 2" from official Movie soundtrack in year 2015.