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November, 30th 2016
Ulver made the "Silence Teaches You How To Sing (Instrumental)" composition. A quarter of an hour in length, this white noise, occasionally punctuated with strange, otherworldly sounds and hissing radio waves superimposed on rhythmically sullen afterlife melody, already slow, specially played so more at a slower pace than it was originally conceived. The composition, so long as this, cannot keep the same pace and development, so it is changing, but a creepy background stays. Burr. Reference: Read more about "Silence Teaches You How to Sing, an EP by Norwegian experimental collective Ulver

Silence Teaches You How To Sing lyrics - Ulver

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This composition "Silence Teaches You How To Sing" contains no lyrics and completely instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Sinister 2" from official Movie soundtrack in year 2015.