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November, 30th 2016
Simon Heath made the "A Stroll Through The Ancient City (Instrumental)" composition. Impenetrable darkness of the music, opposite to its previous companion of the same composer in this collection includes a variety of technogenic noises. It is no less grim, due to very unpleasant rustling sounds, polyethylene in slime, crying child, laryngeal zombie rumbling, muffled sound of female whisper… Gathering of all unpleasant that may be, including wading body through the thickets of the forest or withered leaves. Many creaks, a lot of hate and bad mood are guaranteed to you. Reference: Simon Heath Discography at Discogs

A Stroll Through The Ancient City lyrics - Simon Heath

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This composition "A Stroll Through The Ancient City" contains no lyrics and completely instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Sinister 2" from official Movie soundtrack in year 2015.