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Rock'N Roll Album Cover

“Rock'N Roll” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

“Rock'N Roll” Track List with Lyrics

A few words about the film itself: it is about a French guy who is experiencing problems in his intimate life and people are joking at him because of that. At some point, he decides that it is time to do something and he becomes a cool outside and even cooler inside. What eventually happens? We don’t know as there is no Wiki page for the movie yet, no trailer in English and the French version shows only many ugly French people (you know, someone may tell you that all French-speaking fellows are ugly on faces and in souls, but it is up to you to decide – whether to hate or just dislike them). Marion Cotillard plays here Marion Cotillard. Funny, isn’t it?
As for the songs’ part – a broader definition may be given. First of all, it includes many famous names such as Demis Roussos, Celine Dion, and Alphaville. Secondly, it embraces many great songs like ‘Enola Gay’ or ‘Don't Dream It's Over’. At some point, we even thought that it was a soundtrack to some anti-war movie-protest, but it turned out to be just a personal drama of some uninteresting guy. ‘Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore’ has very serious lyrics, while ‘The Seed (2.0)’ is performed as a rock but actually, it was written as rap in lyrics.
As for the other points of interest, you can find in this collection such sassy performers as Franz Ferdinand, Dead Or Alive, and Ricchi E Poveri. It is not to say that the music producers paid a lot to gather all these items to the collection, as many of them are so old that have been transferred to the public right and can be used wherever people want, for free. Those French performers that are here, also presented very old songs so similar should apply also to them.
The name of the film – Rock'N Roll – is in no way inherent to what is going to happen in this motion picture. Maybe it is just some marketing trick.

February, 01st 2017


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