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Go on Forever

Richard Sanderson Lyrics


Go on Forever Lyrics

Go on Forever Song Lyrics

There's light in the lobby
There's music playing
I'm glad you are with me
I'm glad that you stayed

I feel that I know you
So real I can show you
My wish this will go on forever

There's light in the lobby
Soft music playing and
It's right that you're with me
I'm glad you remained

I'm glad that I kept you
So glad that I met you
I wish this could go on forever

I wish we were sleeping
My arms around you keeping
This moment from leaving forever

There's nobody left now
The moment's ours to keep
The music has stopped now
I wish we could sleep

Together our breathing
Our dreams never leaving
This moment from leaving forever

February, 01st 2017
A tender soft pop song made by very charming young boy Richard Sanderson. A fellow singer is glad a girl stayed tonight with him. They are dancing slowly in semidarkness and looking for a light turned on in the lobby, as if it was their lodestar. The guy is happy not only because of the fact she stayed but also because he met her initially and was able to remain her alongside. This moment will last, as it seems to him, forever. The music stops but they keep on dancing. Their breathing is together and somehow he wants to sleep – obviously, it was a hard day for them both.


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