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Moana Soundtrack CD. Moana Soundtrack

Moana lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

December, 22nd 2016

Moana album description:

You know some actors start their career from performance in romantic roles like Matthew McConaughey did some years earlier, and then turn to more serious roles, while others like Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson started from being real ‘rock’ in the action movies etc. and with this film he just crossed the line jumping onto another side of the show-business – participation in romantic stuff, like this film. Dwayne, despite he doesn't sing, except only one song here, has coped with his role well.
There are numerous things that must be told after watching all the trailers of it as well as the film itself. There are the cutest pig, a not lesser cutest girl that has the power over the waters of the ocean, there are several epic battles, and lot less epic embodiment of Dwayne Rock Johnson as the shapeshifter who protects the ocean and the Earth and is a full-fledged hero in the huge body.
There are much more than one hilarious moment and definitely more than a hundred exciting jokes, generated not only by a girl and Maui but also by a rooster and a pig.
As everything evolves in the ocean, it is logical to suppose that some of the main protagonists of our heroes will be coconut-bodied cute villains.
Everything evolves under the unexpectedly well-performed Polynesian music with incredibly simple but deep lyrics (as, for example, An Innocent Warrior or Tulou Tagaloa by Olivia Foa'i). We were pleased by the fact that the music is performed in three different languages – English (Shiny by Jemaine Clement), French (Bling-Bling) & Polynesian. The latest ones we love the most as they have more soul and understanding of Earth in lyrics as other ones.
Altogether, it creates the fragrant anticipation of the beautiful fairytale, and it is definitely successful, as the data of box office tell us.

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