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Tulou Tagaloa

Olivia Foa'i Lyrics


Tulou Tagaloa Lyrics

Tulou Tagaloa Song Lyrics


Sei e va'ai mai
I le tātou lalolagi
Sei e va'ai mai
I le mātou lalolagi
Sei e mālamalama
[Ko au e tu atu]
E lelei ma le mānaia
[Toku manatu]
Sei e va'ai mai ia
[E taunuku te malaga]
Mānaia o le tātou ōlaga.


December, 14th 2016
"Tulou Tagaloa," performed by Olivia Foa'i, is a song that captures a deep revverence and connection to the natural world, particularly as it relates to the cultural and spiritual identity of Pacific Islander communities. The lyrics, though brief, are rich in their invocation of traditional respect and acknowledgment, evident in the repeated word "Tulou," which in many Polynesian cultures is a form of apology or request for permission, especially when addressing someone of higher status or when entering a sacred space.

The song opens with a call to observe the world - "Sei e va'ai mai I le tātou lalolagi" - inviting listeners to look clossely at our environment. This is not just a call for physical observation but also for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world. The repetition of this phrase emphasizes the importance of maintaining a connection with and respect for the natural world.

The lyrics "Sei e mālamalama" (Let it be known/understood) suggest a desire to share wisdom or insight, possibly about the way of life and the values held by the community. The references to the world being good and delightful - "E lelei ma le mānaia" - reflect a positive view of the world, one that is cherished and valued.

The final lines, "Mānaia o le tātou ōlaga" (The beauty of our life), sum up the essence of the song - a celebration of life and the natural beauty that surrounds us. It’s a call to recognize and appreciate our environment, which sustains and nurtures us.

In essence, "Tulou Tagaloa" is a beautiful homage to the natural world, reflecting a cultural perspective where nature is not just a resource but an integral part of spiritual and community life. The song serves as a reminder to honor and preserve the environment, acknowledging its profound impact on our lives and culture.

After the translation of the lyrics, it is really not understood whether it is a happy or sad song. After listening, a double feeling actually remains. The only thing that you admire is the language itself. Polynesian is so charming & has no rough transitions, as, for example, German that it is absolutely captivating. You fall in love in this language from the first second you hear it. The same is with this song – despite the gloomy start, the voices are uplifting, and you simply surrender to it soothing sound.
It is said about vicissitudes of life & is started from begging the mercy from somebody.


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