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December, 22nd 2016
After the translation of the lyrics, it is really not understood whether it is a happy or sad song. After listening, a double feeling actually remains. The only thing that you admire is the language itself. Polynesian is so charming & has no rough transitions, as, for example, German that it is absolutely captivating. You fall in love in this language from the first second you hear it. The same is with this song – despite the gloomy start, the voices are uplifting, and you simply surrender to it soothing sound.
It is said about vicissitudes of life & is started from begging the mercy from somebody.
Reference: Tulou Tagaloa, a song by Olivia Foa'i on Spotify

Tulou Tagaloa lyrics - Olivia Foa'i

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Tulou Tagaloa Song Lyrics

Sei e va'ai mai
I le tātou lalolagi
Sei e va'ai mai
I le mātou lalolagi
Sei e mālamalama
[Ko au e tu atu]
E lelei ma le mānaia
[Toku manatu]
Sei e va'ai mai ia
[E taunuku te malaga]
Mānaia o le tātou ōlaga.