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Bling-Bling Lyrics - Shiny

OST: Moana

Song Lyrics

Bling-Bling Song Lyrics

Non Tamatoa n'avait pas autant de charme
Il n'était qu'un petit crabe triste
Aujourd'hui je peux enfin sécher mes larmes
Maintenant on m'appelle l'artiste

C'est ta grand-mère qui dit :
« N'écoute que ton cœur »
« Suis ta petite voix intérieure »
Mais désolé, la vérité tient en trois mots
Tous des menteurs

Il vaut bien mieux briller
Comme le trésor d'un pirate abandonné
Bien frotter jusqu'à le voir briller
Scintiller comme un collier de perles nacrées

Attendez ! Ils sont là
Ils tournent, tournent, tournent
Cherchant tout ce qui est brillant
C'est navrant !

Oh, ils viennent vers moi, moi, moi
Parce que je suis étincelant
Mmm, appétissant !

J'aime les fruits de mer (de mer)
Même un peu amer (amer)

Tiens, tiens, tiens
Maui ne supporte plus son apparence
Le pauvre semi-demi-mini-dieu
Aïe ! Encore une affreuse performance
Pas de chance ! Eh oui !
On t'a connu plus agile, mon vieux

Il est vrai que tu m'as servi de modèle
J'ai adoré tous tes tatouages
Je suis comme toi, une oeuvre d'art, intemporel
Je n'ai pas d'âge

Je suis fière d'être bling-bling
Comme un diamant au milieu de l'océan
Admirez celui qui fait bling-bling
Je suis un géant invincible, effrayant
Et résistant

Ton combat, ne sert à rien, rien, rien
Oui un demi-dieu, même à la mode,
N'est pas un décapode. Soit raisonnable
Tu as mal, mal, mal
Je vais raviver la douleur
De ton pauvre cœur

Loin des personnes qui t'ont abandonnées
Tu cherches l'amour de ces humains
Pour qui tu te sens utile
Ma force, tu en rêve
Mais ton armure, elle réclame la trêve

Maui !
Tu ne seras pas l'héritier
Du seul crabe que l'on voit briller

Regarde-bien le plus laid de nous deux c'est toi
C'est la vie mon ami, je peux briller
Je t'informe que tu vas te faire dévorer
Et par moi

Plus rien ne peux te sauver
À part être beau et briller

June, 20th 2017
"Bling-Bling" by Shiny is a song that dives into themes of self-worth, vanity, and the alure of external appearances. The lyrics tell the story of Tamatoa, a character who was once a "drab little crab" but has transformed into someone who prides himself on his glamorous and shiny exterior.

The opening lines depict Tamatoa’s transformation from his past self, where he was unappy and unremarkable, to his current state where he is recognized as an artist, possibly hinting at the art of creating an appealing façade. This transformation is linked to his accumulation of shiny treasures, suggesting a belief that external adornment brings value and respect.

Tamatoa mocks the advice often given by elders to "listen to your heart" and "follow your inner voice," labeling it as lies. This cynicism towards inner values over external glitter points to a shallow understanding of worth, implying that being visually dazzling, like "a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck," is what truly matters.

The chorus, with its repetitive focus on being shiny and sparkling like jewels, reinforces Tamatoa’s obsession with surface-level beauty. He views his glittering appearance as a source of power and superiority, even equating it to being fearsome and invincible.

However, the song also reveals the underlying insecurity and loneliness of Tamatoa. His mention of "fruits de mer," a metaphor for his prey, hints at a predatory nature, possibly stemming from his need to assert dominance or mask his inadequacies. His references to Maui, another character, highlight a sense of rivalry and a need to prove himself superior.

Overall, "Bling-Bling" delves into the pitfalls of equating self-worth with external appearances and material possessions. It portrays a character who, in his pursuit of shining on the outside, overlooks the importance of inner values and genuine self-worth. The song serves as a critique of superficiality and the empty fulfillment that comes with it.

This folk song is performed on French language and tells about how a person stops believing in the former gods and deities and goes along with the pirates to wherever they take him. The truth is that everybody is a liar & the only way to escape from humble life is joining a team that promises you extraordinary adventures.
This is my life, a singer says, and now I will live it in the way I want even if I will be in the jeopardy because of that.
It is interesting that on the French the name of the film 'Moana' has been transferred to 'Vaiana'. A song has been performed by Shiny & underlines emotions.

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