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December, 22nd 2016
Another song in English is performed by Opetaia Foa'i, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Looks like it is a song of sea travelers who can read the sky and the wind properly, who can count and name every star in the night starry sky, gazing at it, who admires the breeze of an ocean taking it as breath of the eternal waters themselves.
The only idea prevails in their minds for now – they are roaming to find their home. They are a sort of explorers who read the every sign and translate it into the language of people. In the end of this song, they’ve inserted several words on Polynesian which only add charm to this piece.
Reference: Moana: Lin-Manuel Miranda sings We Know the Way in new video -

We Know the Way lyrics - Opetaia Foa'i, Lin-Manuel Miranda

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We Know the Way Song Lyrics

We read the wind and the sky
When the sun is high
We sail the length of the seas
On the ocean breeze
At night we name every star
We know where we are
We know who we are, who we are
Aue, aue
We set a course to find
A brand new island everywere we roam
Aue, aue
We keep our island in our mind
And when it's time to find home
We know the way
Aue, aue
We are explorers reading every sign
We tell the stories of our elders
In a never-ending chain
Aue, aue
Te fenua, te malie
Na heko hakilia
We know the way