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Where's the Child? lyrics

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Where's the Child? Song Lyrics

Will he never take his aim, ram it home, play the game
Can he never find the place where he's meant to slide?
Does he have a spear to tilt
Is it sharp, does it wilt?
We've been counting twenty weeks, nothing grows inside.
Screw him!
Wait, we mustn't think the worst
Screw him!
Well, it seems we'd be the first
Without some rain, a woman dies of thirst
Will we ever see her fat
Can't a Guerre manage that?
She's been counting thirty weeks, nothing grows inside
(Father Dominic arrives)
Father Dominic
God has made it plain we go forth and multiply
If he needs some help I've a cure that he could try
Still he claims to be a man
Where's his smile, where's his pride?
Father Dominic
We must save his soul from the spirits in his bed
A potion for his blood that will turn his passion red
We've been counting forty weeks, nothing grows inside
(Martin runs to Bertrande. She tries to take Martin into her arms.)
Come on Martin, don't be afraid
Our love will grow when love is made
(Martin holds her off)
But every night I feel the same
We're both too young for this
I'm not too blame
(she pushes her away)
(Guillaume and his gang grab Martin, put a dress on him,
and lift him into the air)
Get her a skirt, boys, put rouge on her face
Now she can flirt, boys, but wait just in case
Get her a boyfriend to kiss and embrace
Here's Benoit!
(They lift Benoit up)
Put him on top boys, she's game for the ride
Don't let him stop boys, she wants him inside
We know how wives like to be satisfied
Where's the child?
(Bertrande tries to pull Guillaume away from Martin.
Guillaume takes Bertrande aside and kneels in front of her)
Please Bertrande, if you knew the tears I've shed
Why love him when you could love me instead?
Love Guillaume?! I will never share your bed!
(she wrenches herself away from him)
(The gang starts to attack Martin. Bertrande tries to stop Guillaume,
but he pushes her away, and beats up Martin.)
Just one seed he has to sow
Where's the child, will grow?
Is there something we don't know?
Has he learned to ride?
Is he drinking too much beer?
Where's the child, should be here
She's been counting for a year
Nothing grows inside
(The gang finally leaves. Bertrande tries to comfort Martin,
but he pushes her away and runs off)
Get away from me!
(Mme de Rols comes to comfort Bertrande)
Mme de Rols
There's no need to be afraid
Come my child, you will learn
You must try to understand him.
Mother, I have tried so hard, tried to talk, tried to please
Yet he always turns away
Mme de Rols
Give him time!
I promise he will love you
Trust me, child
One day he'll grow to love you
He never smiles or looks into my eyes
Must I always be alone?