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Here Comes the Morning lyrics

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Here Comes the Morning Song Lyrics

And so, is that the story of your life?
How you abandoned your own wife
But now I know my choice is made
I'll go back home to Artigat
After seven years perhaps we can try again
But come along, my friend you must have some stories to tell me
(Arnaud laughs)
Though I've known you so long I don't know you at all
We have still never talked about you, about Arnaud du Thil
All the stories I tell, all what used to be true
For all that I've learned is how little I knew
But the years that we've fought, I've learned something from you
I've killed so many men, it's been my only way
To kill for a living is a high price to pay
When it's peace that I love at the end of the day
Here comes the morning
This is your morning
For when the day is done, you'll leave for a land that is free
And when you are gone, all I'll see...
Still more cold nights of waiting
Days all alone
Killing and hating
But still there's time for you to learn
Wherever there are dreams the fire of hope will burn, always waiting
How can I leave this?
This is my life now!
This is your morning!
Here comes the morning
Take all your chances
For when the day is done
The sun paints its last silhouette
With luck by the time that it sets
You'll be home
Is this my morning?
And when the day is done
The sun should not rise on regrets
Martin (overlapping with above)
A man should love before he dies
Every day the sun will rise
With luck, by the time that it sets
(Martin throws Arnaud a pouch) You'll be home
(They embrace. Suddenly, Protestant soldiers appear)
The Protestants are attacking!
(They fight. Arnaud is about to be killed, but Martin comes
to help him and is stabbed. He falls to the ground. Arnaud
holds him in his arms.)
Tell Bertrande I'm...I'm sorry
(he becomes lifeless)
Martin? Martin! WHY?!!
(The Protestants attack again. Arnaud grabs his swords and runs off.)
(back in Artigat, Bertrande is sitting alone)
Martin, Martin the years that I've spent alone...
Where are you now?
Martin, Martin, I've prayed for the day
Our love will grow with the spring....
Damn you Martin, you're to blame
They need a child to bear your name!
You left me with the shame
I need you!
The love that they gave turns to hate
Must I wait?
I cannot spend my life looking back to the past
You must make me a wife or a widow at last....

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