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I Will Make You Proud lyrics

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I Will Make You Proud Song Lyrics

(Pierre Guerre tries to leave, but Guillaume stops him)
I was born a poor man, just like each of you
Born to sweat and suffer as the poor must do
Working like a cart-horse, slaving in your field
Till my back is breaking I will never yield
Bruised but never beaten
Cursed but never cowed
In the call of duty I will make you proud
Baptiste, I knew your father
Albert, I knew yours too
Men who stood for decency just the same as you
Sons, do not betray them
Daughters do not fail
In the face of peril goodness shall prevail
Stand up and be counted, rise above the crowd
Say this in their memory, I will make you proud
Look around, can't you see what the world has become?
It is time we were cleansed of this Protestant scum!
By the blood of the martyrs, we will take up the sword
We will root out this cancer in the name of the Lord!
Everywhere is chaos, everywhere is doubt
Everywhere is heretics, the time has come to burn them out!
In your hour of danger, vow as I have vowed
Shout it from the rooftops
I will make you proud
Here I stand before you, bloody and unbowed
By the sword of Jesus
I will make you proud!!
(he begins to stomp and pulls out his knife)