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When Will Someone Hear? lyrics

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When Will Someone Hear? Song Lyrics

Is this the day I prayed for?
When I thought that prayers were heard
When I believed they listened and I trusted every word....
When will someone hear?
All I know is fear
And now I see the loneliness of losing all you trust
Day has turned to night
Stone has turned to dust
And now I need to find the words
When will someone hear?
Love that once was close
Faith that once was clear
Now all I've known and all I've loved is all I have to grieve
All that I've begun
All that I believe is just another broken dream
When will someone hear?
They seem so strong
They seem so sure
They'd take my soul
And still want more!
(She gets to her feet)
No one here will listen, it's not me I'm fighting for!
Now, I know, don't decide for me!
Now at last it's clear!
And don't think I'm that little girl they wanted me to be!
They don't know me now, fighting to be free
There's no on here to understand!
When will someone hear?
(André and Catherine, and other Protestants appear in the background)
I will carry on, till the fear has gone
Till the day I find there's someone who will hear...
What do you expect?
We will always hear you
(Bertrande runs from her her in confusion. Catherine follows her.)
Who do you reject?
We are always near you
You seem to think it's easy just to turn within yourself
There's another light, there's another way
God will always hear you
Is this another broken dream?
When will someone hear?
God's there to hear you
In Protestant prayer!
Come now and trust him!
We'll lead you there
I will carry on
till the fear has gone
till the day I find
There's someone who will hear!

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