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The Sentence lyrics

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The Sentence Song Lyrics

Judge Coras
Having considered all the facts, having examined every side,
here is the verdict of the court
(Arnaud stands on the platform)
Of the crime for which you stand, I must find you guilty
(The villagers cheer)
But! The sentence shall befit the man, you are neither witch nor wizard
You monsieur will go to jail, for seven years you'll go to jail!
(The villagers protest in dismay)
Bertrande, I find you guilty too, but no more so than all of you!
For you are all imposters here, liars, cheats, and hypocrites
Your sentence shall be more severe
Live in Artigat, live with yourselves
I give Bertrande to Martin, let him do as he sees fit
The imposter's court is dismissed
(Arnaud is taken to jail. Bertrande follows him. The villagers
are in an uproar in the streets.)
Can you forgive us, please Martin?
Artigat needs you here to rescue our land!
Will you turn your back once again?
Please, Martin, will you give a child your name?
Martin, why won't you answer us?
(Martin leaves)
Now what will happen to our land?
Who is the latest Martin Guerre?
How can we trust a foreigner like him?
He was the best friend of the infidel
What if Martin is just the devil too?
Do you think he's a Protestant as well?
Of course Martin's a Protestant, you fool
They're planning our destruction! It's just a matter of time!
Will you look at yourselves. Look what you've become
Have the people of Artigat forgotten who they are?