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La La Land Soundtrack CD. La La Land Soundtrack

La La Land lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

December, 15th 2016

La La Land album description:

It is a show business inside of show business. It is so loved and praised only because it is fantastically bright and it doesn't have sharp corners or straightforward forbidden topics. It has been named by several adjectives like ‘fantastic’, ‘dazzling’, and ‘outstanding’, though it is a classical love story of people who doesn't perform too great in their life.
However, aside from this opinion, it is not classical in view on things. It is transformed all the time in the mood, from the total discouragement when the hero of Ryan Gosling gets fired on the Christmas Eve, to the total invigoration when he & a girl are firmly in love. There are several songs on the official soundtrack available for now. Among them is ‘A Lovely Night’ by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They have absolutely incredible and fascinating mood in addition to nice lyrics. There is a song named 'Another Day Of Sun' performed by various people from the movie. And there is a song named 'Start A Fire' by John Legend.
At least half of all songs are in the downhill mood when the rest is uphill. And if to speak frankly, none of these songs has outstanding lyrics. Yes, they are all about obstacles of life, purity of love, about sensational & outstanding feelings when you fall in love. But it is clearly not understood why this film was so fearlessly loved by all the critics – it is nothing but yet another love story although very bright and without artificial obstacles.
It may be dazzling in the musical performance itself and the dancing scenes. But we wouldn't tell about the rebirth of the musical genre done by this film as we don't actually think that musicals ever died. So we presume that there will be people who will not love it to the opposition to critics. The box office clearly represents the low level of public’s interest.


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