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December, 15th 2016
What is remarkable – the scene to this dance song was shot in two days, which is so lengthy. But it worth that, you know.
This scene follows the opening sequence of the film after the heroes meet. Now it is totally understood why this movie is loved by all spectators who have seen it by the time. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have managed to recreate those almost forgotten spirits of 1970ies or even 1960ies (while putting them in today’s reality) and have done a tremendous job to let us see this invigorating picture of how their love evolves.
Speaking particularly about this song, ‘Another Day Of Sun,’ it is worth noting that this is made by as much as hundred people on the stage and the entire filming process took 2 days (of which we already have been surprised about). The essence of this song is the stories intertwined. The story is told by a girl and a boy. It is mostly about their dreams, their fantasies, and their goals in life that they want to achieve. For example, Emma Stone tells about the dimmed light, about the music and the screen, on which someday she wants to be. But before the speech about the acting career of her takes place, she says about how wondrous it can be when you seat in the movie theater and almost immediately understand that it is your destiny is sitting in the chair nearby. Mrs. Stone is wondering how it can be possible at all. The imagination of Mrs. Stone draws the picture of big ballroom when she dances with him dressed nicely and neatly. She says that in the moments like this all she needs is just the disk, the microphone turned on and the neon glowing.
In the meantime, in the second verse, her partner tells about how he was reaching for the heights and chasing for the lights that shone on him. After they met, he tells it is another day of sun is seems for him, as the morning comes and shines on her face. If you are watching the clip on YouTube that is made of sequences of the film moments, you may clearly and distinctively run through the story of their relationship. No wonder that possessing such remarkable and outstanding lyrics with absolutely powerful music many of critics told about this movie as our-days’ rebirth of classical Broadway musicals. The critics that wrote about this musical film in their articles, told that these heroes are inpatient throwbacks and their story of acquaintance is nothing more but pure miracle of our days.
It is the second song of a film in the sequence. It tells about Sebastian Wilder, a hero of Ryan Gosling who meets Mia Dolan, a hero of Mrs. Stone. They both are dreamers. She is the beginning actress in her 30+ (starting late) and he is the beginning jazz player who wants to arrange his own jazz club but waits until jazz becomes popular again (if ever). It is the story of bright relations of two developing today, which casts the memories of times when Broadway musicals were extremely popular, a half-century ago. But this is not just another pastiche love story that the evolves according to canons because it has to. It is a love story that evolves because Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have an incredible sensitivity to realize and to depict the real life in the way how would it actually unrolled. Reference: Here’s How They Made La La Land’s Extravagant Opening Musical Number - Read more on

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