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If/Then Soundtrack CD. If/Then Soundtrack

If/Then lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2014

February, 16th 2017

If/Then album description:

Main heroine of this musical on Broadway charms us with the fact that truly funny and beautiful smile never left her face almost the entire show. And Idina Menzel – the main character – also has an aura of charm. She sings, lives, experiences, and kisses on stage, showing us life full of emotions. Bright, juicy, assured. Positive and negative. Mesmerizing. Such dynamic musicals are rare, even on Broadway. When viewers love them along with critics or more than critics. In addition, this musical is one in which every note is wanted to be catched. Not just because the voice of Idina is clean and shrill, like many singers of musicals have. But also is very agile. She is perfectly familiar with all the techniques of high-class singer – how to raise and lower the voice, use its modulations to increase the volume, moving away from the microphone etc. Indeed, one of the most pleasant voices, which has long gone beyond the purely musical ones and came to the borders of many genres, completely absorbed them.
Even after the completion of her career as an actress of musical, Idina will be very demanded as a singer of almost everything. She even excellently succeeded in instrumental rock (The Moment Explodes, which nevertheless has a voice, just instruments there are truly awesome). Surprise – one of the most powerful songs along with You Don't Need to Love Me. And the most emotional is, perhaps, I Hate You.
If you are a fan of musicals, then do not miss this one. One of the most stunning in quality. Best in mood, because after it you feel funny and, at the same time, with sublime melancholy. In the process, we instilled with a great range of emotions, and we will happily perceive them through the prism of the leading female voice and say her "Bravo!".
Reference: IF/THEN The Musical: Official Website, Wikipedia Page

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