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November, 22nd 2015
1:32 of final song of Act II. All has been said and the last chance is left us to enjoy the sound of the voice. Probably we should buy again tickets on this musical and listen to the whole story from beginning to the end. It is rare when the music is not only good, with shrill voices, but also really juicy. Such that you want to bite off a piece, as from the red-sided strawberry. With creams.

What If? (Reprise) lyrics

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What If? (Reprise) Song Lyrics

You stop and say hey to a stranger
And where will it lead, who can know
But you learn how to love the not knowing
So here I go
Here I go
Here I go
You choose and then everything changes
Take a breath and then fly off the cliff
And you know that there's no turning back
No turning back
No turning back
And you wonder what if?
What if?