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November, 22nd 2015
Without 3 seconds 1 minute in a very sad mood. Most of the audience empathizes with what a man sings in this musical. And someone can at the same time to enjoy the sound of the piano and violin since these two musical instruments make almost always amazingly beautiful music. As here. If only to add oboe, as is was done here, then the beauty doubles.

A Map Of New York (Reprise) lyrics

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A Map Of New York (Reprise) Song Lyrics

With everything that you've built
The plans you've drawn
All of those fears that held you back are gone
Isn't there nothing left to prove?
Isn't it time to think of moving on?
So maybe it's the wrong time
But you've been there a long time
You don't want to let yourself get stuck the way you do
So let's make a brand-new map
Just me and you