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November, 22nd 2015
3:10 of very fast pace, which is executed by main female voice in this show. Unlike many classic musicals, this musical is contemporary, so it includes such music instruments as guitars, cymbals, bright tubes, and even drums. But, first of all, the voice. He sets the bar at a certain height, to which must all the others reach.

It's a Sign lyrics

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It's a Sign Song Lyrics

Yesterday this woman met this man in Madison Park
Quite by chance, all at random, as it were
But they met again just now
In this tunnel in the dark
Could mere chance have caused these two things to occur?
Or could there be another meaning to infer?
Could the universe have a message for him and her?
You meet a man who is handsome and nice
Quite by chance one day
(mm mm mm mm)
But then you meet that same handsome man twice - enticing!
That's not chance, no way
(ah-ah, no, no way)
The universe has a message for you
And if you're smart, then you'll let it through
Just a gentle shout, signal from above
It's plain to see, it's meant to be
You're destined for love
It's a sign
Oh, it's a sign
Like when clouds open up or the stars align
It's a sudden smile, a nice surprise
So act just like those wisest guys
And follow that North Star and you'll be fine
It's a sign
People? Who's read their signs today?
Today a pigeon sh*t right on my head
(oh no)
It's still in my hair
(it's a sign)
The Virgin Mary appeared in my bread, I said
That's her face right there!
(a sign, it's a sign)
I found a sandwich right here on the floor
(ooh, ooh, ooh)
Now those are signs that you can't ignore
It's perfect and it's plain
And rainbows in the rain
One more blue(?), there for you
Do I have to explain
That it's a sign?
Oh it's a sign
Like the leaves in your tea or the cork in you wine
It's a maid's(?) wink, a poet's rhyme
A train door opened just in time
It isn't just some handsome stranger's line
It's a sign
It's a (?) on a Monday night
A blue moon on a late-night flight
Patterns in your latte cup
Buttered bread falls butter-up
When a stray dog comes to stay
When a black cat walks your way
That tingle in your fingers, too
Means something good is here for you
Oh it's a sign
Oh it's a sign
Like when clouds open up or the stars align
Read your tea leaves just in case
Read the wrinkles on your face
I'm telling you, your life is on the line
(?) has got your grand design
It's perfect, it's profound, it's divine
It's divine
It's divine
It's a sign