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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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Gold album description:

Have you ever dreamed to have 17 billion dollars, just like the hero of Matthew McConaughey did in this film inspired by true events? There was a guy-loser of 50+ years, who flew to Indonesian jungles to look for gold. He found a gold mine that was estimated at 30 billion dollars cost. He went sharply uphill and founded a mining corporation just to know some months after that Indonesian government is about to take this mine in their hands. So he was disappointed and have decided to steal what was rightfully his. In the last seconds of the trailer, there were the huge lines of racks with big gold bars resting on them. The Indonesian troops, the FBI and seems like entire world wanted to have a large fat piece of his business but he cheated them all. Want to know what had happened next? You’ve got to see a movie to learn the answer.
As for music, Iggy Pop and Pixies are the brightest stars of the collection. The first one wrote a song specifically to headline the soundtrack (‘Gold’) and all other used songs were old, of 1970ies and 1980ies. ‘This Must Be the Place’ has very deep-thought lyrics that we loved more than others and Richard and Linda Thompson’s creation named ‘‘I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight’ has the most uncomplicated lyric lines.
The critics that were able to appreciate the film rated it at 40 out of 100 emphasizing that though Matthew McConaughey coped with his job fantastically well, the rest of the movie was tiresome and full of stamps through which Mr. McConaughey has to worm himself the entire length. The film was bright in the idea of gold mining and the passion with which Mr. McConaughey played but nothing else was captivating and particularly memorable except the number – 17 000 000 000 dollars. None of us saw this money with the own eyes for sure.

February, 02nd 2017


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