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Iggy Pop lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Every Loser (2023)

Lyrics for album: Skull Ring (2003)

Lyrics for album: Avenue B (1999)

Lyrics for album: Naughty Little Doggie (1996)

Lyrics for album: American Caesar (1992)

Lyrics for album: Brick By Brick (1990)

Lyrics for album: Instinct (1987)

Lyrics for album: Blah-Blah-Blah (1986)

Lyrics for album: Soldier (1979)

Lyrics for album: T.V. Eye (1978)

Lyrics for album: Lust For Life (1976)

Lyrics for album: The Idiot (1976)

Lyrics for album: Raw Power (1973)

Lyrics for album: The Stooges (1969)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Angry hills
Bang Bang
Beat 'em up
Billy is a runaway
Blah Blah Blah
Cock In My Pocket
Dancing With The Big Boys
Dead rock star (featuring the stooges)
Death is certain
Don't Look Down
Drink new blood
Eat Or Be Eaten
Endless sea
Foot ball
Gimme Some Skin
Go for the throat
Happy man
Houston is hot tonight
How do ya fix a broken part
I'm Bored
In The Deathcar
Knocking 'em Down
Let's Boot And Rally
Life of work
Little electric chair (featuring the stooges)
Little know it all (feat. sum 41)
Little know it all (featuring sum 41)
Little know it all (ft sum 41)
Little know it all (nascar thunder 2004 feat. sum
Loser (featuring the stooges)
Louie louie / hang on sloopy
Lust Of Life
Monster Men
Never met a girl like you before
New values
No fun / i'm waiting for my man
Ordinary bummer
Pain & suffering
Perverts in the sun (featuring the trolls)
Private hell (featuring green day)
Pumpin' For Jill
Real Wild Child (Wild One)
Repo Man
Rock show (featuring peaches)
Rolodex propaganda
Run Like A Villain
Sea of love
Skull ring (featuring the stooges)
Street crazies
Superbabe (featuring the trolls)
Talking snake
Tell me a story
The ballad of cookie mcbride
The horse song
The jerk
The villagerrs
The Villagers
Tumble And Twirl
Waiting For The Man
Watching the news
Well Did You Evah?
Whatever (featuring the trolls)

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