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Pixies Lyrics


Hey Lyrics

Hey Song Lyrics

been trying to meet you
must be a devil between us
or whores in my head
whores at my door
whores in my bed
but hey
where have you been?
if you go i will surely die
we're chained

uh said the man to the lady
uh said the lady to the man she adored
and the whores like a choir
go uh all night
and Mary ain't you tired of this
that the mother makes when the baby breaks
we're chained

May, 02nd 2017
This is an alternative rock and punk rock band that uses so tender and cute name of the forest fairy – Pixies. Despite the seeming tenderness, they aren’t so at all. And this song is the continuation of their tough thoughts and deeds and that is why they sing about escort women (if to put it mildly). The incorporation of a woman’s voice should, probably, bring us to the thought that she is one of those. A singer is doing intimate copulation with those all night and all his thoughts are captivated by those. He cannot escape thinking of them.


“Hey” is a love ballad, done Pixies-style - The A.V. Club

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